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So, I was trying to figure out what in the world I would talk about in this post when I got distracted by Pinterest, a common occurrence for me. I was not expecting to find anything for this post, I was just looking for a distraction, so I was thrilled when I came across a video that talks about a program called Youth Links. Basically, the goal is to connect different classrooms from around the world to make them more aware of the different cultures and experiences. This program is pretty awesome, especially for Social Studies/History teachers out there, but other core teachers and foreign language teachers will find it useful too. In the video I posted below, the students shared what they felt were important aspects of their culture. They had question and answer in order to better explain and understand each others views. In addition, the students shared their music, and videos, and poetry that they felt depicted a way of life that was important to them. The material that students from Afghanistan shared definitely highlighted the importance of tradition and religion in their country. The American students shared the music video for the song We Are Young by FUN featuring Janelle Monae. While the American students sited their reasoning for showing the video as wanting to show the students from Afghanistan an example of popular music that they listen to, I think that they subconsciously were also showing the other class that American youth tend to do some stupid and reckless things, some on purpose, because they’re young and they’re going to live it up while they can because you can only get away with acting reckless and wild and crazy for so long before you have to take¬†responsibility¬†and enter into the real world. So I hope you guys enjoy the video and maybe consider getting involved in this program, I know I certainly will. Below are the links to the video and Youth Links website. Enjoy!


First Post!!

hey everybody!!

My name is Michelle and I am new to blogging, but I am going to be a middle school language arts and social studies teacher (Esl as well) and I thought that this would be the perfect way to start getting things organized for when I get my first class!! In addition, when I have my own class, I would like for this to be a site where they can come and see what’s due, parents can easily contact me, and I can give my students links to great resources. Through this blog, I hope to provide any followers with lesson plan ideas or any tips on how to set up a blog like this. I’ll be teaching myself how to do all this, so I’d like to help any teachers trying to set up a classroom blog in the future by posting helpful tips that I learn along the way!

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